Why You Need a Quality Headshot


Your headshot is often the first time people who are looking to do business with you or hire you for a job will see you. They do not know anything about you other than what is on your resume or website. Everyone says not to judge a book by the cover, but the impression people get from this image will often be the deciding factor on whether or not they will call you.

When someone sees your headshot on your website, LinkedIn, or other social media, you want them to see a confident person so they will want to do business with you or hire you. If you own your own business, you want people to see your brand in the images they see on your website.

You want prospective employers or clients to like you and trust you when they see your headshot. You need an image that is professional and will show them who you are so they are confident in their decision to contact you. What does your headshot say about you?

If you want to update your headshot, contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation for a headshot/personal branding session today.


Megan - Home Sweet College Home

Meet, Megan. She is the founder of Home Sweet College Home. I had the opportunity to photograph Megan recently, and I wanted to share her photos as well as a little information about her business.


Home Sweet College Home provides care packages to college students to help them acclimate to college life. Megan had a hard time getting accustomed to all of the changes that college life brings when she started college, so she wants to help other students transition with ease into their new lives.

Is there anything that you would have appreciated to help alleviate the stress of starting college?

Elmbrook Humane Society Kings of Wagfest 2017

Every year Elmbrook Humane Society hosts Wagfest in Brookfield, WI to raise money for animals in need at their shelter. Part of the fundraising effort for this event is crowing a King or Queen of Wagfest. To be crowned King or Queen, you have to start a Wagfest fundraiser and raise more money than the other entries. This year, one of the prizes for raising the most money was to have a quick photoshoot with me and have your picture in the fundraising calendar.

This year, we have TWO Kings of Wagfest! They are brothers, Gauge and Gunner, and working those cute faces of theirs, they were able to raise the most money. They were a lot of fun to photograph. Check out their matching head tilts below!

Gunner on the left and Gauge on the Right

Gunner on the left and Gauge on the Right