Personal Project Subjects

Personal projects are what fuel my fire, so I am always looking for people to photograph for them. Sometimes I am working on a series of themed photos, other times I have a single idea I want to bring to life. There are also times I like to go to a location and see what inspires me and go from there.

I prefer to photograph every day people from all different backgrounds for my personal projects, as opposed to models who are used to being in front of a camera. If this is you and you are interested in being a subject in one of my personal projects, I would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out this form.

You will not be added to any email lists nor will your information be shared. I will add your responses to my database, and when I have a personal project that I feel you will be a good fit for, I will contact you with information on the project.

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Days of week and times you are typically available for a shoot.
Shirt, Shoes, Pants, etc.
Sometimes I will do personal projects in studio, and sometimes I prefer to shoot at your home. Please provide information on your home, apartment, ranch, garden, etc.
Tattoos, scars, freckles, dreadlocks, etc.
Drinking, smoking, something else?
No? Implied? Partial? Full?
Antiques, vintage car, airplane, old house, something else interesting.
Please provide species, breed, size.