Where's Emily?

Emily has been at Elmbrook Humane Society for awhile now looking for the perfect family to join. She has a lot of energy, so she is looking for a family that will train her and keep her busy. Emily is a very smart dog and learns new things quickly. She loves to play fetch, use her nose to find treats, run around, and just be close to you. She’s also super cute! How can you not love that beautiful smile?

To help Emily find her new home, Elmbrook Humane Society is doing a fun promotion for her. We have gone out on the town with Emily and taken photos of her at various businesses in the area. Elmbrook Humane Society is posting photos of her on Facebook every Monday at one of the locations we have visited, and it is up to the followers of the page to guess where she was! The first person that guesses the correct location wins a gift card. Be sure to follow Elmbrook Humane Society on Facebook, so you can see where Emily has been. For more information on Emily, please visit Elmbrook Humane Society’s website.