Water Balloon Filler Crown

In my day to day life, I am always looking for inspiration for pictures to take or things to make. Sometimes I find inspiration in the unlikeliest places.

The Inspiration

My daughter had one of those things that are used to fill up multiple water balloons at a time. Early last year I saw she had it sitting on the bathroom counter and she had really messed it up. All of the tines were bent out of the shape and sticking out all over the place. As I was looking at it mangled and resting on the counter, I was hit with the idea to make a crown inspired by it.

The messed up water balloon filler.

The messed up water balloon filler.


The Creation

After I had this idea, I went and purchased several of these things to contort into my idea of something beautiful. I first cut all of the individual tines off the base and then I started bending them every which way to get them as messed up looking as my daughter’s.

Once I had all of the tines cut and distorted to my liking, I started attaching them onto a headband with hot glue. I could only do a few pieces at a time, as I had to be able to hold them in place as the glue cooled.

Now that I was happy with the way everything was looking attached to the headband, it was time to paint it! I decided to go with a rose gold color, so I coated it with rose gold spray paint. I was so thrilled with how it was coming together. I felt like it needed something more, so I added some fake pearls to the front of it.

The Finished Crown

And now the crown is completed. I am stoked with how it turned out. I have not had the right opportunity to photograph it on someone yet, but I am excited to say that is changing soon! I am currently scheduling a photoshoot for next month that will be PERFECT for this crown! I cannot wait to get pictures with someone wearing it and share them with you!

The final piece!

The final piece!

Tell me in the comments what you would love to have created or purchased for your portraits.